Teamwork. Technology. Trading.

Our foundation is collaboration.

At Valkyrie, each of us makes a difference. No one is a cog in the machine. Data guides our decision-making, technology drives our success, and our best ideas come from our team members. We move quickly, intentionally, and with direction.


Our software team generates tech-focused solutions to real-time problems. Our software engineers play a crucial role in developing and innovating our trading systems, which they build in house and improve daily. They work closely with our traders, both teams learning and growing in unison, leading to the best market's best trading systems.


Our traders think with versatility—observing the market and integrating technology to improve our bottom line. Our algorithms and infrastructure improve daily because of their keen understanding of timing, risk, and using raw data to drive innovation. They learn and grow in tandem with our software team, building our future through collaboration.


Our quantitative analysts are a bridge between our trading and software teams, utilizing data science as their key tool. They listen to traders to figure out how best to generate a data-driven solution, then create prototypes to pass on to our software team. Collaboration is at the core of their work, taking on assignments that improve our trading strategies, influence innovations to our software, and solve core problems to improve operations in our business domain.

The core of what we do:


When we collaborate, we rely on our team to bring the best ideas to the table, and to work together to test and critique what works for the company.


When we optimize, we think creatively and efficiently. We experiment, work to improve speed, we think about scalability, and we build our future.


When we execute, we are confident in the rigor of our decision-making process. We move deftly toward solutions and act with certainty and success.

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