Senior Derivatives Trader

What You’ll Do:
Senior Derivatives Traders are expected to own, maintain, grow, and be responsible for key revenue streams for one or more products on our trading desks. In this role, you will be responsible for all risk and inventory held by the trading time, and expected to leverage your experience and knowledge in making critical decisions in real-time. On every level, Senior Traders will look to effectuate systemic improvements to the trading strategy to ensure the long-term viability and competitiveness of the strategy.
What You’ll Need:
  • 4+ years experience on a trading desk
  • A strong ability to manage and assess risk in a derivatives portfolio
  • A passion for trading and financial markets
  • A desire to develop and constantly improve the strategies and models that drive our trading activities
  • A tenacious determination to problem solve
  • Strong math and numerical aptitude
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • A keen attention to detail
  • Willingness to dig into problems
  • Relentless desire to constantly improve
  • Proactive attitude
  • Quantitative analysis skills are a plus
  • Advanced degrees preferred
What You’ll Get:
  • Competitive salaries and performance bonuses
  • Top-tier medical and dental coverage
  • Relocation assistance packages
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Training opportunities and continuing education
  • Catered lunch, snacks, and beverages
  • Group outings and company parties
  • Casual dress environment

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A day in the life of a developer.

On the software team, we keep busy. On any given day you will find us:

  • Writing code for software
  • Interviewing candidates to join our team
  • Collaborating with traders and quants on projects
  • Rolling out and releasing pieces of software and feature enhancements
  • Imagining new ways to improve our proprietary software
A day in the life of a trader.
  • Researching ideas to improve our models, risk parameters, and trading strategy
  • Moving quickly as market watchers to seize fast-paced opportunities
  • Collaborating with the software team to create system improvements
  • Learning from each other every day
  • Exploring what the future of market making holds, and rising to meet those challenges
A day in the life of a quant.

On the quant team, we are problem solvers at our core. On any given day you will find us:

  • Researching ideas about data science to improve our trading
  • Learning new ways to use data to solve problems
  • Collaborating with traders and the software team on tackling challenges
  • Building prototypes in python to test before it becomes part of our software
  • Exploring aspects of cutting-edge technology to improve how we do business